How To Find The Best Pendant Lights For Your Backyard

Canberra may be the capital of Australia, but it surprisingly has a small-town vibe that locals and visitors enjoy all the time. The progressive and beautiful city is one of the top destinations in the country for culture and the arts. It has some of the most amazing monuments and institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Australian War Memorial, and the Australian Academy of Science. 

Since the city has an Oceanic climate, it usually has warm and dry summers while winters remain crisp and cool. It means that residents in the city can host outdoor gatherings throughout the year. Those who have cozy decks or porches can invite their friends for some barbecue. The party can go all night long if they have some of the best fixtures for lighting in Canberra. The lights can even enhance the overall ambiance and make the guests feel right at home. 

If you are planning to change your outdoor lighting fixtures in your home in Canberra, one of the options that you can choose from is the pendant lighting fixture. It can add more personality to your outdoor space. You can install pendant lighting fixtures in your backyard for better aesthetics and flair. These highly versatile fixtures come in a wide variety of designs that you can choose from. 

When looking for the best pendant lights for your home, here are several shopping guides to help you find the best lighting in Canberra option: 

Pendant Light Styles

There are different styles of pendant lights in the market. It depends on the shape of the shade that comes with it. The most common styles of pendant light include: 

Inverted / Center Bowl – This type of pendant light looks like a bowl that is pointing upwards when hung from the top. The light cascades off the bowl and spill down to illuminate the area. 

  • Down Pendants 

It looks like the inverted pendant lights because of the bowl-shaped shade. However, the shade is pointing downward. It allows the light to point down on the room below the pendant directly. 

  • Linear – This type of pendant light is best to illuminate a dining table or a kitchen island. It comes with several bulbs that form one fixture. This pendant light is also an ideal choice if you want to illuminate your outdoor billiard table. 
  • Mini Pendants – If you have a smaller outdoor space, this light can be your perfect choice. The mini pendant models are slimmer compared to the other models, making it easier to install in cramped space. 
  • Cluster Lights

You can install a cluster or multi-light pendant to add more drama and aesthetics to your patio or gazebo. It features several different small lights of various lengths. When grouped, these lights will look like one big pendant lighting fixture.   

Pendant Light Shade Materials 

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Aside from the style, it is also essential to consider the type of materials used in the shade of the pendant light. Since you will be installing it outdoors, certain materials would work best for this function. 

  • Metal – Pendant light that comes in metal shades works well for outdoor purposes. It can handle harsh weather conditions, including heavy rains or snow. It also looks good in various lighting settings. 
  • Plastic – If you want to save more money, you can install pendant lighting in Canberra in plastic shades. It is cheaper than metal yet sturdier than glass. You only need to find one that looks great for your outdoor exterior.  
  • Wood / Bamboo – Using this type of pendant light looks best in the cottage-style backyard. The wooden material can add a rustic or suggest design in your patio if you are aiming for a country-themed look

Buying a pendant light for your home in Canberra does not have to be difficult. You only need to assess the style of your home to know which item will look good for your outdoor space. If you manage to illuminate your backyard using these functional yet aesthetic fixtures, you can start hosting backyard parties that you and your friends will never forget for a long time.

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