Foods for Weight Loss You Can Enjoy as Snacks
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Foods for Weight Loss You Can Enjoy as Snacks

We are all bit of foodie, aren’t we? That is why some of us get obese just for the sake of getting delicious food through our tummy. But have you ever thought when you are actually hungry, taste does not matter much? All you want is to fill your tummy filled.

So why not fill up your tummy with something tasty but it does not fill an extra fat in your body. Here is a list you can totally follow if you yourself to look fit.

  1. Guacomole and Red Bell Paper

Guacomole is not only delicious but the most important thing about it is that can both go for an evening snack and dinner. Red bell paper is equally more fibrous. Both the food when mixed into a salad, really taste very yummy.

However, it benefits to the body are really commendable. The creamy feel of the salad makes it even more irresistible foods for weight loss:

  • Contains high oxidants such as carotene, quercetin, and capsanthin.
  • Very rich in Vitamin C and a large bell paper (If added correctly will almost fill up 300% of the total DV.
  • It does not cause any extra fat in the body.
  • It does keep your tummy full and makes you feel less hungry, thus working on the metabolism for weight loss.
  1. Pear Slices and Ricotta Cheese

Pear slices and ricotta cheese really make a good and healthy for snacks. Plus, it is an added treat too the sweet tooth’s in the family. We all think that ricotta cheese is not healthy at all, but it does contain good fat which strengthens the muscles in the body and pear has about 12 antioxidants.

  • Ricotta Cheese is rich in protein and calcium which provides about the right amount of muscle mass and energy.
  • Pear helps a lot in metabolism. It contains rich fiber which allows healthy blood circulation.

The pear slices with ricotta cheese combination is a great tummy filler weight loss diet.

  1. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Consider this as a mid lunch food. It is an extremely healthy snack with a juicy impact. Sun-dried tomatoes are known to be rich in lycopene. Yes, normal tomatoes do have them but not like the sun-dried ones.

  • It contains almost 170% DV which helps you in feeling energized.
  • It is a good way to avoid all the junk food you want to have in a snack.
  • It is a great appetizer which makes you feel hungry by increasing metabolism.

Keep a stock of sun-dried tomatoes. But do not store them in the fridge, otherwise, their goodness will seize.

  1. Spicy Avocado

Avocado is a nutritious food for sure. It is also one of those foods which can be counted among the healthiest food in the world. Avocado is known for reducing bad cholesterol and inducing better cholesterol in the body.

  • It can improve symptoms of arthritis.
  • It works rather faster in reducing the LDL.
  • It is really high in potassium fiber and the food only contains 130 calories in it.

So these are the things, which makes spicy avocado, spicier. So Lunge on them if you feel hungry.

  1. Turkey Roll-ups

Turkey rolls are nutritious and they also make a good wholesome snack. It is very easy to make turkey roll-ups. Keep the breast size roasted turkeys on a plate and cover them up with 5 grams of whipped cream cheese. Place a pickle or any other nutritious ingredient on the middle and roll it.

  • They make you feel satisfied and full for a long time.
  • They are enriched with high-quality protein which helps the muscles grow properly.
  • They contain only 20 grams of calorie which is not much and hence you can count on this as one of the foods for weight loss.

Before ending this article, I would like to suggest some more foods which you can try out in your snacks and they are:

  1. Legumes and nuts.
  2. Peanut butter and brown bread.
  3. A veggie taco.
  4. Olives

These foods for weight loss are pretty much available everywhere so it won’t be a problem for you to save them in your refrigerator. Go on and start eating healthy today!

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