Important Points to be Considered While Constructing a Car Park Designs
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Important Points to be Considered While Constructing a Car Park Designs

As you know well that construction work is not possible without taking the suggestion of people or we can say some professionals. Whether this construction is related to your home, school building, college, university or car parking.

There are different types of materials that you can use for construction. But those materials you can take if you know well that which design you want. Along with that the functionality and efficiency, you should also check that it will work for the future or not.

Here in this article, I will guide you with the general information about the construction of car parking. There are different designs you can build for car parking.

These designs are like for multistory car parking, shopping mall car parking, basement car parking as well. For this type of construction, you should hire one architecture who can tell you better. They can provide information about how to design and which is the better place to construct.

Whenever you start the work, then before starting you should know the what will be the construction cost, how much time it will take, what is the purpose of this construction, is it beneficial to you or not. These things you can consider while starting the construction work of car parking.


It is true that whenever you do the construction work, then there is a motive behind it. In this construction obviously, your main purpose is to provide the space to people, staff and other visitors to park their vehicles.

Along with that, you can consider the other things in car parking that includes:

Clearance of garbage:

In the car parking construction, you also have to accommodate the bins where all people can put their waste materials. If you design the construction in a mall or in another shopping center, it is mandatory to do.

Because there are a lot of peoples who visit the malls every day. If this wastage can be in the bins then it is also easy for you that you can hire some truck to access the waste from the bins.

Therefore it also looks good when the visitors or staff cars enter the parking area, they will see the neat and clean space. As you know well that everybody wants to park their vehicles in a clean space.

If there is no cleaning then it is the possibility that no one will come to that area who is looking dirty and not maintained properly. Based on these things you can construct your car parking with the asphalt and concrete material.

How to design:

It is the most important point that you should handle in a very effective way. When you start the work of car park construction then you have to check the space first.

Important Points to be Considered While Constructing a Car Park Designs

You have to make a design like the maximum number of cars can be park easily. If there is only space to park only ten to fifteen cars in the parking area then that is not useful.

So keep in mind that a number of cars can park here in the parking rows. You should make the area like staff members and other visitors both can park their cars comfortably.

Materials used in the construction:

I think everyone takes the suggestions from an architect or from engineers who are well qualified and experienced as well. Because you all know that they can give you a piece of better advice usually.

Therefore according to them the material that should be used to construct the design or building is the gravel that is loose, asphalt, and concrete.

The loose gravel method is less cost-effective, easy and quickest material. The disadvantage of loose gravel method is when you drive the car, you will be contaminated with dust. As the dust is stir when you move from there.

The asphalt material is less cost-effective than the concrete. It also depends on the car parking size. It is easy to repair its resurface. In case if you find that there are some cracks or small holes then you can fill it with asphalt material as well. It is also flexible and not slippery.

Concrete method is cost-effective from both of them. However, you can also use the concrete if there is a small size of the car park. You can generally use in shopping malls and some large buildings.

You can recycle it as it is more durable also. With the use of regular vehicle, the lifespan of the concrete is more than thirty or forty years.

Cost and time for the construction:

As I mentioned that the cost depends on the material which you want to use. There are some other additional costs that you can consider for the maintenance.

And for the time it depends on the car parking construction, where you do whether it will be large or small. These things you can consider for the cost and time.

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