Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away in Summer Time
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Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away in Summer Time

Everything seems to come alive in summer. The once gloomy trees in winter are now green canvases are painted with colorful flowers and fruit, and the parks are full of laughter and activity. However, the warm weather and abundant food also trigger an awakening in the activity of pests. Rodents and a wide range of insects become active in the warm season and multiply in the hundreds.

Many pests and insects lie dormant in the winter because they cannot handle the low temperatures and availability of food resources is limited. In the summer, the abundance of natural fruits and the accelerated rate of decomposition create a paradise for scavenging creatures like rats, ants, and several other pests.

Pest control is especially difficult in summer because there is a wide range of insects moving around freely. While you may want to eliminate all of the insects, many of them are vital to the ecological balance of your environment. It is not always a good idea to kill all the insects that come around your house. As people become more aware of the ecosystem services carried out by pests in our communities, less intrusive methods are being looked into to control pests. Here a few non-toxic ways to control pests in summer.

Keeping Clean

One of the most attractive things in your home for pests, from roaches to rodents, is the presence of scraps and decomposing food in the open. In summer, food decomposes faster and starts to smell attracting flies and all sorts of bugs. If you don’t clean your tables well or throw out the garbage in time, you will have to deal with swarms of bugs in your house.

Growing Herbs

Mint and Rosemary are useful herbs to have around because they are not only good for spicing up your gravy and tea; they are also great at repelling bugs. Many bugs cannot stand the smell of Mint and Rosemary. Growing these herbs in small pots along your windows will not only release fresh tropical scents into your rooms, but they will also keep the bugs away.

Installing LED Lights

Many people are swapping out old incandescent bulb with modern LED lamps because of their energy-efficient benefits. An additional benefit of using LEDs in your garden is that they don’t attract bugs. Using LEDs outdoors can allow you to spend more summer evenings out in the garden without having to swat away bugs every two seconds.

Citronella Candles

The fresh crisp citrus scent released by citronella candles is soothing and has very relaxing properties. It is an added bonus that this scent also repels mosquitoes. These candles are great if you want to spend a quiet summer evening on your patio with your loved one.

There is a range of ways to keep pests away during summer that are not harmful to you or the environment. If you take time to research and think of solutions, you will find several options that you will enjoy putting into actions.

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