3 Essential Tips for a Living Room with Impact
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3 Essential Tips for a Living Room with Impact

The living room is one of the spaces where your household guests are likely to spend most of their time while in your home. For this reason, you want it to be the ultimate statement about who you are as a family and a household. Here are some top tips to help you create a living room with impact.

The Rule of 3

When it comes to choosing a color scheme, try to limit yourself to just three colors. It might seem difficult, but it will create a pleasing colour palette to the eye. Choose one bright and two more neutral colors for the best effect. A common combination in the past few years has been bright mustard with a heathery purple and a dove grey. The purple and the grey complement each other well while the yellow adds for a striking difference. Think about some different color combinations you like and decide whether they are right for your home.


Inject a little personality into the room to show that it is truly yours. You may choose to do this by scattering photographs and other personal memorabilia around the room or through other means. A bunch of your favorite flowers in a vase might be exactly what you need to make the room feel a little brighter. You can find some amazing companies out there who will give you a subscription of flowers delivered to you every month for as long as you want.

If you have a particular love of something, the living room is a great place to display that. Tower the walls high with books and create a library, hang your favorite movie posters, or display your cherished vinyl for everyone to have a thumb through. It is up to you!

Keep the Entertainment System Hidden

Clutter can be cool if done correctly but messy wires are always a no. You need to ensure that you have a cupboard or some sort of protector where you can hide the messy cables if need be. This extends even to your indoor TV antenna. You don’t want to obscure the signal since that will affect your picture, but you do want to find a place where it can sit with little to no impact on the room itself. Look for a smart indoor TV antenna which provides maximum range and gives you great signal quality.

You will still have to deal with some of the wires and, for that, you cannot go wrong with an entertainment center. Whether you want to head to your local furniture store to find one or draft one up for a little do-it-yourself project, there are plenty of ways you can create a unique and functional space for all of the tech for your living room.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at your current set-up and think about how it could be improved. With just a few small changes, you could very easily land yourself the living room of your dreams!

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