9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Friendly Neighbourhood

9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Friendly Neighbourhood

Selecting a neighbourhood for your family is as important as picking a place to live. It must be safe, friendly, and everything you need is within the area. Neighbourhood is one of the considerations you must take when purchasing a property – apartment, kit homes, bungalow, and more. After all, we want to settle down in a place where we can enjoy the time with our family and mingle with other friendly people.

A good and friendly neighbourhood is especially important when you’re moving a child. The location must be safe and whole a lot more. Now, what are the considerations you should take into account when looking for a friendly neighbourhood? Here are they:

Playgrounds and parks

If you have small kids, a park with playground near your home is a huge plus. It’s a perfect place to spend time with kids and families. It’s also a good place to see and talk to neighbours. You can mingle with other parents with kids. In this way, you can also socialize and find playmates for your kids.

Recreation facilities and community center

A good and friendly-neighbourhood have complete facilities. It should have tennis courts, basketball court, sporting ground, pools, sports groups to join, and more. They should be a consideration for the family.

The local swimming pool can become a favourite spot for kids. Sports and other activity classes are also a good indication of a friendly neighbourhood. As a family who will eventually join the community, be active and visible so you can get along with new neighbours.

Kids in the neighbourhood

Check the stats and visit the neighbourhood as well. Check homes with trikes on the porch or strollers. If you find kids playing outside, it means that the neighbourhood is kid-friendly as well. You can also drive around the neighbourhood before on weekends or after school to check the kids. School buses or kids walking to school in both morning and afternoon are a good indication of a kid-friendly neighbourhood.

Proximity to important places

Ensure that the neighbourhood of your chosen home is the right for your family. The proximity of important places must be considered. These are the following questions you should be able to know the answer:

  • How far away is the school?
  • Is the school within walking distance?
  • How far is the nearest hospital?
  • Is public transportation near the neighbourhood?

The proximity to a school and primary care are an important consideration for the family. Imagine how your child commutes to school – grade school, middle, and high school – their experience walking and commuting in the neighbourhood. Hospitals must be near for any emergencies in the family.

9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Friendly Neighbourhood

Supportive and friendly neighbours

Moreover, a neighbourhood whose residents are supportive of each other is where good childhood memories are made that last a lifetime.

Do you know what’s the key in a friendly neighbourhood? The helpful neighbours who are ready to lend a hand to those in need are what make the neighbourhood safe and friendly all the time. If you have neighbours who are easy to talk and get along, then you can definitely say that your kids will never be alone.

Shopping, Grocery, and Entertainment

No one wants to do a lot of driving going to places where you can get what you need. Before you consider the house, make sure that it’s near to places you need to go for your needs. Look for grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores. You can also check nearby movie theaters, parks, malls, museums, and other places for your entertainment needs.


Sidewalks are also an important part of a neighbourhood and it should be part of your consideration when choosing one. Experts say that with a proper and safe sidewalk, you can stroll the baby or kids around. They can even bike or show some artistic talent on the sidewalk.

Crime Rates

Your home should be baby-proof especially if you have a child or kids. Search for a neighbourhood that has a low crime rate. It doesn’t matter if it is a city, rural, or suburbs. What can you do to check the crime rate of the neighbourhood? You can download an app called Trulia. Its Maps feature allows the users to explore the safety of a particular area as well as the reported incidents. Doing this will make you feel safe while you’re away for a little while.

Transportation and commuting

No one wants to get stuck in traffic. So, find out if the neighbourhood has public transportation as well as an alternative way of driving. You should know how often the transportation vehicle stops. Another thing to discover is how long it will take to get to work and go home. Make sure that the route is easy.

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