Product review – LC5 Sofa
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Product review – LC5 Sofa


The iconic and modern purist design of the LC5 sofa daybed is as timeless as they come. Its simplicity, solidity, and statement-worthy presence is definitely timeless – which is saying a lot considering the flamboyant tastes that run the gamut of contemporary. Let’s take a journey through the life and times for this particular furniture piece.

About the designer

Le Corbusier is a household name in the design world. The list of unique furniture pieces that he’s designed over the course of his life is long and impressive, and the LC5 sofa definitely shines amongst them. While his architectural and urban theory work is just as groundbreaking and innovative as the rest of his ideas, he colluded in a bit of partnership in the design of this particular daybed.

Corbusier opened up a firm in collaboration with his partners Pierre Jeaneret and Charlotte Perriand. It was here that the three modernists put their collective heads together and designed the LC5 sofa. It was originally designed for Corbusier’s personal apartment on rue Nongesser-et-Coli in Paris, where he lived with his wife. This apartment is still located on the top floor of this building and it is here that the original model of the LC5 sofa can be found.

About the product

Product review – LC5 Sofa


The LC5 sofa is part of the Cassina collection and consists of two or three seater sofas. While the original design was for the personal use of Le Corbusier and his wife Yvonne, it was later edited by Cassina into a single sized product with a chrome frame in 1974. It’s minimalist looks are the epitome of modern fashion and remain timeless to this day.

Cassina carried out a thorough analysis of the archived documentation of this sofa and collaborated with the Le Corbusier Foundation to redevelop it with brand new finishes. It was also tweaked to deliver larger proportions when compared to its first edition. The original Paris apartment module was set as a base to respect the authenticity of the revamped version. The overall comfort and structural integrity of the LC5 sofa were retained in an instantly recognizable form.

About the materials

The structure and build of these sofas consist of a number of finishes including polished trivalent chrome plating (aka CR3), a semigloss grey, light blue, brown, ivory, or black enamel steel finish. This structure and base is installed with loose cushions with padding in feathers with a polyurethane core. A sleek leather fabric upholstery in black cream, beige, and caramel brown completes the whole look. You can find it in a total of seven different colors.

Points to ponder before purchasing

Product review – LC5 Sofa


The simple aesthetic of the LC5 sofa is rather versatile in aesthetic, but if there is one thing that you have to consider before locking down its purchase, it’s this: size. The LC5 sofa spans up to a whopping 255 cm (approximately 8’-3”) so it is extremely large. You cannot place it helter-skelter in whatever kind of an ambiance you see fit. Your space has to be large and decidedly breezy for it to fully suit your setting.

Suitable interior design styles

Product review – LC5 Sofa


Here are the interior design styles that you can pair up the LC5 sofa with:

  • Minimalism: The unadorned charm of the minimalist aesthetic is something that only a furniture object as stylish and simple as the LC5 sofa can complement.
  • Contemporary: The contemporary style always has a backdrop of cleanliness within its aesthetic and it would look pretty great when complemented by the LC5 daybed.
  • Eclectic: The LC5 sofa can definitely balance the artful dissimilarity of an eclectic ambiance with its easy-going charm and casual sleekness.
  • Modern: Because the LC5 sofa was originally designed for a modern home at the height of the modernist movement, it’s still a shoe-in for such an ambiance.

So, this is everything that you need to know and consider when you’re thinking of purchasing the LC5 sofa daybed.

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