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2020: How to Start a Link Building Campaign

It has come out in the open that link building campaigns are the best organic way to bring in traffic to your website. The link building campaign holds the total authority of ranking the website and web pages on the Search engine Result Pages (SERP).

As it provides a fantastic way to increase the traffic to your website. There are many fraudsters who used underhanded tactics to do search engine optimization (SEO). these methods can really boost your traffic only for a short period of time, before being banned.

Link building is one of the busiest activities of digital marketing. And an interesting one at that. Link building can be done cleanly once you learn the right way to do IT.

This article will give a complete idea of how you can use a clean method to increase traffic to your website.

Given below are some of the best ways.

  • Using the LIS method

You all must be thinking what is this LIS method. Well, it stands for “Length Implies Strength”. I know you what you all are thinking. This is the first time you all have heard this name. Yes, this is something new which just recently getting popular in the link building strategies.

As there are very fewer people who know this method, by the use of this you can have an upper hand on them.

Have you all seen long sales letters? Yes, of course, you all have seen one. Yes, this LIS and long sales letter work on the same principle.

Nowadays, people think of only getting links and do not give a second thought on making their content more detailed and deeper. 

LIS is the long sales letter that made you think that the product is being advertised. People are spending their time reading content which is really on a deeper level. People omit those content which is of the miserly word count of 500.

  • Reverse guest post-campaign

The guest posting campaign is one of the common methods used in link building. But, have you ever guessed that this can be done in another way round?

Instead of posting on the other site, why don’t you invite them to your web site as a guest blogger? This way it can increase the traffic on your website more easily. In this method, both parties have their mutual shares and gain what they need.

I find it quite surprising that many of the marketers are diving in this ocean to excavate the treasure that is at the bottom. The deeper you go, the better the results.

Reverse guest posting is the method where you ask/invite others to post on your website. This method works like a charm, as there are no bloggers who will miss the chance to promote themselves.

You only need great content to attract other bloggers to post on your site.

While using this method, you have to make sure that you have allowed only those post which you have not shared on your website. You must neglect the post which has similar content to yours. This is all to avoid keyword cannibalization.

This method is also useful for circulating the links among all the users. This way if any audience enters in one website can be redirected to all the site present into circulation.

  • Mentioning industrial influence
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Link building is not an egoistic method. If you think why should I use other website URLs in your content, then this thinking process of your is stopping you from getting more potential audiences.

The link building process is all about creating an organic way of getting more audiences. Linking better influencers can lead your website to a new and fresh audience.

Think like that who does not want to be praised. No matter how big or small a blogger is if his/her blog is being used by the other as a reference. It will please them. And if they find that your content is also good, they can share your content with its audiences.

Try using influencer who has a similar niche to yours.

  • Prospecting broken links

Very few people really know how to use this method properly. It has been used since the link building practices came into existence. And with time it has grown weaker. but there are still many websites that do not check their website health on a regular basis.

You just have to search for that kind of website which has broken links in it. Then you can mail them informing them about the broken link.

When they come to their senses, you can then offer them a relevant link in place of the broken link. Don’t be pushy, give them an option and let them decide.

  • Use infographics

Human beings are the visually-driven organism. If you can feed them good visuals, then you can attract more audiences then the perfectly written 3000 words article.

In today’s world, everybody wants to have short, simple and to the point information. People want the information presented in a simple way that can be interpreted easily.

Infographics are appealing to the eyes and are visually stimulating. The use of infographics can really help the audience to keep the information in their mind for a longer period of time. Infographic provides 3 times the information than a 5000-word article.

If optimized correctly they can work like a charm to gather audiences’ attention. This can result in an increase in traffic.

  • Guest blogging
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Are you a blogger? Have you just started being one? And you don’t have enough audience for your website?

If all the questions are true for you then here is the solution. You can try guest posting. Guest posting can be really useful for newcomers who are really seeking attention. Not only, this will help you to get exposure but it will also help you to increase backlinks.

While guest blogging, try to find sites with higher authority and relevant audiences. Guest blog on those sites only which are similar to your niche. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and energy on something which will not be fruitful.


Link building is a vast field with dynamic Link Building Techniques.

2020 is just a few weeks away, and the techniques and strategies are fast changing. But I can assure that the above-mentioned strategies are long-lived strategies and will help you in 2020 to increase the traffic. So don’t be scared about investing in these methods.

You can consider this post as a new year gift to all, who were really looking for some enlightenment on the link building methods for 2020.

You can also check out for These Marketing Tips which can really help you this new year.

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