Clearabee Beebags are a Great Alternative to Skip Hire

Clearabee Beebags are a Great Alternative to Skip Hire

It’s obvious why Clearabee is the UK’s best skip hire company. Efficient service at affordable prices makes hiring a traditional metal skip a straightforward procedure. But where Clearabee outperforms its rivals is in an incredible choice, flexibility, and convenience offered by the company’s innovative Beebags.

Beebags are Pliable but Tough

Beebags are manufactured from a robust, polywoven fabric that won’t rip or tear. They unfold to form spacious, cubed or rectangular containers that are lightweight to move around your home or garden. There are strong, cloth handles on the sides for easy maneuverability and to enable Clearabee’s rubbish removal experts to carry full Beebags to their van. Luckily, Beebags won’t add unnecessary weight to your waste. Beebags provide a flexible convenience that’s not available with traditional skip hire.

Sizes to suit your Clearance Project

The revolutionary Beebag or skip bag provides a choice of sizes that you can match the volume of rubbish you want to be removed. The most compact measures 90x90x90xcm and can easily be placed inside a small room or hallway allowing you to clear out your clutter without taking up valuable space. The medium-sized Beebag is twice as wide at 180cm. Large offers even more volume while extra large has a massive amount of space that is the equivalent of twelve washing machines!

Beebags are Ideal for most Types of Rubbish

Beebags are perfect for clearing the clutter from cupboards, lofts, sheds or gardens. You can put almost anything into a Beebag including broken furniture, carpets, tiles, rubble, and even soil. However, due to its immense space, the extra large size is most suitable for general clutter rather than very heavy materials. For large volumes of heavy waste, it’s worth considering Clearabee’s metal skip hire service. Whatever rubbish goes into your Beebag, Clearabee will recycle 90% of it ensuring that your waste doesn’t add to the burden already placed on landfill sites. The only items you cannot put in a Beebag are refrigerators, TV sets or monitors and any other hazardous waste.

Flexibility when clearing Rubbish

Whenever you order a Beebag you’ll usually receive it the following day with your usual postal deliveries. The Beebag is folded into a flat package that’s really convenient to store if unforeseen circumstances delay your de-cluttering. Unlike regular skip hire, the Beebag offers a flexibility that allows you to clear your rubbish at your own pace providing you don’t exceed the deadline of one year for removal.

Labor-saving Rubbish Removal

When you decide the time’s right for the Clearabee team to remove your fully-laden Beebag, you don’t have to struggle to drag it to the curb even if you have a long driveway or your home is set far from the roadside. Clearabee will remove it from your home or garden at a distance of up to thirty feet and fortunately, the vans in use are deliberately compact to allow the rubbish removers to get as near as possible. If your Beebag is in an accessible, outdoor location, you don’t even have to be at home for it to be removed.

Choose Clearabee

Clearabee’s customized rubbish removal and recycling service offers greater flexibility and choice for cost-effective skip hire than any other company. And if you have a bulky load that might not suit a Beebag or skip, there is always the Clearabee fast and efficient Man and Van service that clears your bulky rubbish on the same day.

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