Instagram Stories: Why Is It a Great Way to Market Your Brand?

Instagram Stories: Why Is It a Great Way to Market Your Brand?

Social networking has never been about standing on a platform and shouting slogans for people to hear; the most valuable aspect of a social network is the network itself. You must form relationships and build a community of like-minded users who are able to enrich each other’s lives by sharing valuable content.

We know that Instagram is a visual medium, but the key to unlocking its potential is building a community around the photos you post. Use popular hashtags to appeal to a broader audience, engage with other people’s posts to get the word out and also look friendly and approachable. You can also join causes or campaigns that resonate with the brand identity and are for a worthy cause like #movember. Attend these events and post live content to let your audience feel like they are part of the action and this could boost your brand.

Quick Tips, 3 Ways to Download Private Instagram Video on PC.

Today, we are witnessing how Instagram Stories is becoming phenomenally popular by the day. But there is no reason for you to simply take our observation for granted. Let us explore some statistics that would demonstrate a vivid picture.

Instagram Stories Well Ahead of Snapchat

Instagram Stories are today, outperforming Snapchat practically, at every level. Instagram Stories had 300 million DAUs in 2017 which was the double of the number of daily Snapchat users. Moreover, Snapchat influencers keep posting on Instagram Stories and they are far more active on Instagram Stories as compared to Snapchat. As per the reports from a study, influencers were posting 7.6 stories every day as compared to just about 3.5 Snapchat stories on a daily basis.

Reasons to Use Instagram Stories

Just Right for Storytelling

Instagram Stories help businesses to express their brand messages clearly and have interactive conversations in a far more casual way as compared to the social media platforms. Most marketers find ‘Instagram Stories’ feature as a mind-blowing storytelling platform. The content of an Instagram Story is relatively less curated and is more ‘as it happens’ as compared to the content in your Instagram feed. You may seek the services of a reputed digital marketing company such as Like4Like for perfect solutions.

Instagram Stories: Why Is It a Great Way to Market Your Brand?

The Giphy App Seems to Be a Great Attraction

According to forbes “The GIPHY app on Instagram Stories is a game changer for people that love to be creative. Want to add an animation of a cat eating noodles with your family at the dinner table? Now you can. Having a bad hair day? Cover it up with an animated birthday hat.”

In-Built Music

Music is currently built into Instagram. It has a fantastic library of songs for you to make your choice; you can now incorporate music into any video or photo and instantaneously, get a scored video for sharing.

Conclusion: Go Live

Live videos are the new trend in viral marketing because consumers have shown a proclivity for watching live streams. It is suggested that there is a psychological aspect of satisfaction related to live streams as if the audience is participating in the activity along with the streamer. Live stream viewership saw an 81% uptick in 2016 and has grown steadily ever since. Instagram stories also provide the live stream functionality that has been used by brands to broadcast events, Q&A sessions, interviews and behind the scenes office peeks with much success. Instagram Stories feature is definitely here to stay with so many attractions!

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