When the Temperatures Drop, Watch your Pipes

When the Temperatures Drop, Watch your Pipes

Winter can be hard on your home features. Months of snow and ice can ruin your roof shingles, wear down your siding and break down the trees standing in your yard.

One home feature that is always vulnerable during this time of the year is your plumbing system. You need to take care of your pipes before the temperatures plummet and the weather takes its toll.

Pipes Will Freeze!

When the weather gets really cold, the water inside of your pipes can freeze and stop any new water from coming through. You will notice this when you turn a tap and see that nothing comes out of the faucet.

Frozen pipes can be a real nuisance for people who live in spaces with limited water fixtures. You will have to shift your plans around cooking, cleaning, and bathing to work around this frustrating inconvenience.

People who want to keep the pipes from freezing in their house should follow these simple tips before the next cold snap hits:

  • Insulate any exposed pipes
  • Turn the thermostat up
  • Let warm air circulate
  • Open up interior doors and cabinets

If you realize you have a frozen pipe, you should call up the experts at Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical to come over and thaw them for you. The pros can quickly thaw up to 175 feet of metal lines up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Their technology warms the external layer of ice and lets the remaining water pressure clear the blockage safely.

You can always try to do it on your own with a hairdryer, but the process will take hours of your time and it only works for exposed pipes. The experts can effectively reach hidden or difficult-to-reach pipes, without having to break down walls or dig into the floor.

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This company offers plenty of plumbing services you can rely on during the harshest days of the season—whether you need to have your pipes thawed or to have pipes repaired, they will be there. Local homeowners can contact them at any hour during any day of the week. They are ready for your call.

Frozen Pipes Burst!

You want to protect your plumbing from the frigid temperatures because frozen pipes can break, sending gallons of water gushing into your house. In fact, people are 40% more likely to experience water damage during the winter-time in comparison to any other season because of this specific plumbing issue.

The reason why frozen pipes burst is that ice expands inside of a pipe and builds up pressure between the obstruction and the faucet until the pressure is too much — then the pipe ruptures and spills its contents. If this happens to you, shut off your home’s water supply valve immediately and call a plumber.

A burst pipe is no laughing matter. A home can suffer thousands of dollars’ worth of damages that will take ages to repair. Insulate your pipes, turn up the thermostat and test your fixtures when the outdoor temperatures dip. These small changes will help you avoid a destructive and expensive plumbing emergency.

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