How to Pour Exposed Aggregate Concrete in a Creative Manner

How to Pour Exposed Aggregate Concrete in a Creative Manner

You will need an ideal construction material for your patio or driveway if you want to avoid the big issues. If you want a pleasing look for your patio or driveway then you should opt for exposed aggregate concrete because it is better than brushed concrete in terms of slip resistance and you will get thousands of options to choose from. After choosing exposed aggregate concrete for your patio or driveway you will not need to look for maintenance as they require very low maintenance and that too is at the very affordable cost.

If you desire the best benefits that you are entitled to that will provide the smooth terrain to walk and drive on in your premises. The concept is a durable one; it, therefore, makes it an ideal choice for every creative home improvement project that you can think of.

The objective of this article is to teach the best practices that you will need to pour the exposed aggregate concrete. It is not as technical as people will make it; the following tips will be of help:

The Foundation for the Aggregate

You will need a solid foundation to be created for the aggregate. To achieve this, pour a minimum of 6 inches of gravel at the base layer of the concrete form. This will serve as your foundation; therefore, it must be substantial if it is to last the test of time. After pouring the gravel into the base layer; you are to take it further by spreading it evenly in the base layer. For best effectiveness; use either a shovel or a rake to achieve great results.

Smoothen Out the Surface

When you pour the concrete mix for the exposed aggregate concrete; you have to adopt the strategy of not flooding the concrete blend all the way to the top of the foam. You have to leave a gap among the top of the concrete form and the surface of your poured concrete. The gap should be about half an inch. The objective here is to give allowance for the aggregates that will come up later in the process.

As you pour it using this strategy advised, make sure you spread the concrete mix for the exposed aggregate concrete evenly on the form with the aid of either a hoe or a hand trowel. It is necessary that you ensure that the surface is smoothened out as best as possible if you are to get desired results.

You Must Spread Out the Gravel Evenly

This does it yourself process is natural; but along the line, you have to be at your creative best if indeed you wanted to achieve beauty in your exposed aggregate concrete that will make you beam with a wide grin. When you pour upon layer of concrete on the wet surface, you have to make sure that the pea-sized gravel is spread evenly on the surface of the damp pavement.

You can achieve this spread with effortless ease; lay of a stiff broom. As you pour in the concrete into the form, use the broom to spread it in one direction. You will notice that the gravel is being distributed during the process. Continue the process until you are satisfied in your estimation that you have made a success of spreading the concrete evenly inside the form.

You will now apply minimum force on a wooden plank to sink in the concrete into the form. Take note of the word minimum; if you apply any force above that, the results will be counter-productive. Allow the concrete to dry for two hours and then proceed with the setting of the aggregate firmly into the concrete.


You will best achieve that by driving a lawnmower on the surface of the exposed aggregate concrete that you have newly constructed. What you are going to get at the end of the day will bring out a wide grin from your face.

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  1. I’m looking to change up some of my backyard. Now I will be doing more concrete and I will be adding aggregate to that. As you said, it is very important to spread the gravel out evenly as you don’t want it to clump up. I’ll be sure to go with a professional for this as I have never done anything like this before.

  2. Jada Faden says:

    Would you recommend using exposed aggregate around a pool?

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