How To Modernize Your Blank Space
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How To Modernize Your Blank Space

The word “modern” can often sound sort of extreme when explaining decor.  It can suggest a style that is maybe uncomfortably minimal or wildly avant-garde.  However, there has been a great shift in modern home decor that places livability at the forefront of its design.  A blank surface in your home is the perfect vehicle to sprinkle with modern flair without losing your personal touch.

Get Focal

A blank space is the perfect opportunity to create a focal point in your room, and highlight your personal design tastes at once.  A newer trend to achieve this is with adhesive custom wall-decals.  Because vinyl is removable, you can constantly adjust your room when you feel it needs freshening up, or easily transition your decor seasonally.  Due to their incredible thinness, vinyl wall decals make big statements while still retaining a minimalist tone.

Shapely Shelving

Shelving livens up space because it’s a way of adding your personal taste and important keepsakes in your home.  Modern shelving not only highlights your personality, but becomes a decorative aspect of the space as well.  Wall shelves of interlocking wooden shapes can often double as art pieces while still remaining practical.  Striking geometric shapes in vibrant hues add character without looking overwhelming.

Go Green

Bringing plants into your living is a huge decor trend right now because it’s super easy, makes your interior look its freshet, and with such a variety of plants available it can be super customizable.  A big way to heighten your plants decorative properties is with modern looking wall planters.  Earthenware is making a big comeback, so clay pottery adorning your walls can create a very boho-chic atmosphere.  Wall hanging cement planters are a huge modern trend as they give spaces a smooth industrial look while still looking lush.

Get Framed

Hanging family photos is nothing new, however frames a making a huge impact on modern decor.  Covering your wall entirely with mix-and-matched frames is a fun way to not only modernize blank space but make it completely customized as well.  Prints and photographs can be swapped and switched out whenever you like, so you can constantly create new moods and themes in your space while surrounding yourself with images that inspire.

Write It Out

Graphic fonts and lettering are making big waves in modern decor.  Because of their striking geometry and endless customization, wall typography can instantly change any space in the home.  Vinyl wall lettering is the perfect tool to achieve this because it’s easy to create and apply!  Blank spaces in kitchens or laundry rooms can be easily enhanced with your favourite quotes or even bold initials.  Vinyl wall lettering can also be a bold statement on your wall or act a delicate accent to refresh, modernize, and motivate.

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